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Chasing Tiny Monsters

Although you may not know it, laboratories often fail to detect pathogens. Machines will scan your blood for antibodies, but no one actually looks at your blood in person. Microbeon comes to the rescue with an old and almost forgotten technology that was already used over 250 years ago: Dark-field microscopy enables us to detect abnormalities in the blood that are not found in a regular laboratory test. The results can help your doctor choose the right therapy for your condition.
Microbeon offers microscopic images and videos of your living blood. Unlike bright-field microscopy, where samples are usually stained, which causes the bacteria to die, this is not necessary for examination with a dark-field microscope. In this way, we can experience how living organisms behave in the blood and carry out experiments such as host simulations.


Did You Bring Home a Souvenir?

Especially when travelling or spending a lot of time outdoors you can get infected with parasites. But not only travellers to exotic countries run the risk of infecting themselves with parasites. In western countries, you can also get infected with parasites through food, pets or insect bites.


  1. Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito, flea or other insects?
  2. Do you have pets?
  3. Has your skin ever touched tropical soil?
  4. Do you have digestive problems?
  5. Do you suffer from repeated or chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, etc.)?
  6. Do you have any allergies?
  7. Do you have a low level of vitamin B6, B12, iron and folic acid?
  8. Do you have a low immune system? Are you sick often?
  9. Are your tonsils swollen?
  10. Do you have dark circles, tear sacs or other skin problems (acne, rashes, bumps, itching)?
  11. Do you suffer from chronic fatigue?
  12. Do you often have a headache?
  13. Do your joints and muscles hurt?
  14. Do you feel nervous?
  15. Do you have problems sleeping at night?
  16. Do you lack appetite or are you hungry for sweet and fat dishes?
  17. Do your symptoms worsen in the evening?
  18. Do you eat sushi or raw meat?
The more questions you answered with Yes, the more likely you were infected with a parasite.


I'm a night owl, because so are your foes

The sample is taken in the evening hours and mixed with the sterile nutrient solution BukoVitaN®. Only a few drops of blood from the fingertip are needed.

Your sample will be thoroughly examined.
The nutrient solution enables me to monitor and document changes in your blood over several days.

You will receive detailed documentation of the findings, which you can then take to your doctor’s office for further analysis and treatment.